Welcome to Preserve Vickery!

As a Vickery homeowner, you have made a large investment in a special community that has won national acclaim for its planning, beauty and architecture.  Like many communities across the nation, the recession has had a negative affect on Vickery with the foreclosure of many of the lots in Vickery by Wells Fargo.  As the “Declarant” in Vickery, Wells Fargo has control over our community, creating a unique set of circumstances that most communities do not have.   These circumstances, and the events that occur in the coming months, will determine what is built in our community; and  what is built in Vickery will affect us long after the Great Recession ends, the last home is completed and all the builders and bankers have left. This site was created to educate Vickery residents about the issues we currently face and what they can do to preserve their community and investment. 

Please visit this site for updates and action items you can take.  Click on the various page links at the top of this page to view the various information sections.  The page titled “The Situation” will provide background information on issues facing Vickery.

Vickery is at a crossroads.  It will be up to its residents to ensure that our community remains a beautiful and special place to live.

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19 Responses to Welcome to Preserve Vickery!

  1. Paul J says:

    WOW…one of my friends just emailed this blog to me. I live near vickery and it is a shame what JW is building. I have over 20 years of custom homebuilding experience and never thought I would see a production builder in Vickery. What a shame.

  2. Greg Ward says:

    I live up the street from Vickery in Fox Creek. I was upset to hear that John Wieland was building in Vickery. Vickery is such a jewel for Forsyth County. I hope you guys figure out a way to get him out.

  3. Deborah Pellock says:

    Really nice to have this site for communicating on this topic. Hopefully more people will begin to realize that Wells Fargo is not looking out for Vickery residents. John Wieland has certainly given no attention to “street scape design” which is one thing that has set Vickery apart from the beginning.

  4. Jerry Dodd says:

    Jerry D
    If you want to see what Wieland homes can do to ruin a Hedgewood community, just come to Downtown Woodstock.

  5. Phil H says:

    Wieland is like school in the summer time, no class. If Wieland cared he would at least take care of his new customers in Vickery. Wieland did not even bother to pick the weeds when he delivered his new customer their home in Vickery. The sea of pine straw visible from the street is full of weeds. We must also assume that the home did not come with rear sprinklers as the home owner has had to extend a water hose with a sprinkler in order to keep the little grass, that was graciously included, alive.

  6. Jason Davis says:


    I think the sprinkler was an upgrade in the Wieland landscape package.

  7. David Thompson says:

    I am glad I own a Hedgewood home. I would rather have one of theirs with no warranty vs a 100 year warranty from JW

  8. Bob says:

    You know since JW has rights to the rest of the lots here in Vickery he should also have the responsibility to “fix-up” our broken landscape around the large pond and the Pulte looking island on Round Rd.

  9. Concerned for Vickery says:

    A very valid concern Bob. Will Wieland complete the parks and green spaces as they are supposed to be completed? Actually WF is the developer so they should be fulfilling this responsibility. The fact is that one of the entities should. At the lot prices that Wieland is paying for the lots, there should be some funds for finishing all parks. I know that trees were requested to be planted around Greens Pond two years back and the answer was no from WF. Oxbo Park is an important gathering place. That park should be a space for gathering people which requires an environment that is suited for the need. If these important details are not continued in the original tradition, Vickery will lose its sense of place which it is so well known for.

  10. Jeff A says:

    Great idea on the yard signs

  11. mike says:

    Some protesting at Vickery today!

  12. James Thomas says:

    Awesome job today. I drove by and saw the protest. I hope you are sucessful vs Wells

  13. Roger Williamson says:

    Saw you guys on post rd today! Hope you are sucessful

  14. Greg W says:

    Saw you guys out yesterday!!!!! NO TO JW

  15. Phil says:

    As an attorney with expereince in HOA litigation, I recommend you go through your Declaration with a microscope. The controlling covenants cut both ways, and a lot of large-scale builders are either faily uninformed or simply too arrogant whenit comes to enforcement. Looked at Creekside off bethelview many years ago and thought it was a nice neighborhood. Wonder why WH has gone downhill since then.
    Good luck folks. While the law heavily favors the Declarant, it’s not hopeless. Thank David and Goliath.

  16. Greg says:

    Very impressed you all are taking a stand for this cause. Far too often, people complain but do not take action. You action is getting noticed by the community at large, and I’m sure by Weiland and Wells. I would encourage you to picket directly in front of their sales offices, as well well as at the intersection. Once they feel it in their bottom line, the will respond.

  17. Linda L Reel says:

    Well, Wieland has sold his company. http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2012/11/19/report-john-wieland-homes-and.html He is still building in Vickery and latest word is that he is going to be allowed to buy all of the lots on Bond St. across from the Crescent Townhomes from Rick Tanner’s all the way around to almost Vickery Creek. Rumor has it he is planning on putting in cheap housing, starting in the low $200Ks. He obviously is trying to stay afloat any way he can, which is more than likely what prompted this sale. We need to get answers from the Declarant at the annual homeowner’s meeting on 12/4. This is OUR development, our homes and we have a right to know if Wells Fargo and John Wieland intend to damage it further. I just wish he would find another development to destroy and leave us alone.

  18. Linda L Reel says:

    Anyone know why Dan Garcia and all the rest of the Preserve Vickery supporters just vanished without a word???

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