Residents Respond to PreserveVickery

An update for Vickery residents and other readers on the PreserveVickery website.  Since its inception on March 11th, the PreserveVickery site has experienced 842 page views, with 188 page views on March 28th alone!  Thank you for continuing to visit the site for updates and information.  Don’t forget to view the “Who’s who and Contact Information” page to learn who you can contact to express  your views and make a difference for Vickery!

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2 Responses to Residents Respond to PreserveVickery

  1. Cathy Adams says:

    As a homebuilder, a Realtor and a lover of all things VIckery I appreciate the objective analysis that was presented at the 3/29 homeowner’s meeting. This is a special community made up of sticks and bricks…and a whole lot of heart!

  2. David Thompson says:

    Vickery is awesome! Great place to live, work and play

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