A Comment that Tells it All

This comment, received on 4/2/12, tells the impact of Vickery in a profound way, and captures why our community must be saved.  As a resident of Vickery, you probably notice students of architecture touring our community, which has served as inspiration to builders, architects, students and others.  This comment was received from an individual who toured Vickery as part of their architecture training.  It says it all:

“At university I visited Vickery and learned first hand what can be done if one puts ones heart and mind in sync with backbone. As a new architect, Vickery made me aspire to design in a way that accommodates beauty, function and economics, but also to leave room for tradition and legacy. I am saddened that Vickery is being attacked by Wells Fargo and John Wieland. There are very few places like it in the world, especially the new world. From afar I wish you all much success in your effort. Wells Fargo, please reconsider! Its not too late.”


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2 Responses to A Comment that Tells it All

  1. Deborah Pellock says:

    Yes, you are so right! l’m sure there are many other architectural students that have come through here to study and see the many amazing characteristics of Vickery. We also see many professional photographers using every nook and cranny to photograph families and recently Belk Dept. used Vickery for a commercial. Where else do you get this interest in a neighborhood besides other DPZ designed neighborhoods like Seaside, Rosemary and others. Thank you so much for expressing yourself and please let other fellow graduates/students know about what is happening to the residents that are so concerned of what lies ahead where the entire ambiance of our neighborhood could be changed forever and never recaptured once it is changed (a change we did not want)!! We are being used by JW and WF. lt is SO WRONG what they are doing to this beautiful place.

  2. Jason Davis says:

    I am sure DPZ wouldn’t approve of the Wieland starter homes. I wonder if wieland plans to start building in Seaside, Alys, or Rosemary Beach next? I am sure those people who live in the DPZ communities would NOT stand for a tract builder to come build there.

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