Preserve Vickery Meeting Summary

Even with a last-minute invitation, it was standing room only at a Preserve Vickery meeting held at Tanner’s banquet room on March 29, 2012.  Over 50 people took the time to attend the meeting to hear the latest news and current plans in the effort to protect our community from the onslaught brought by Wells Fargo and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods.

Dan Garcia chaired the meeting, taking residents through a video presentation providing an overview of the situation, a description of the key players and summary of resident concerns, which included:

  • Wells Fargo’s exclusive deal with Wieland
  • Wieland’s pricing of properties
  • Wieland’s ability/intention to build homes that compliment Vickery
  • Buyer demand for lots from custom builders that Wells will not sell
  • How 200 Wieland homes will affect the value of current Vickery homes

Market information on recent sales showed that both T-Olive and Luxe Properties can successfully market homes that reflect the vision and architectural integrity of Vickery.  However, Wells/Wieland has a lock on over 200 lots in Vickery, effectively squeezing out these or other builders who might share the Vickery vision.

Media Relations Firm Hired:  Toren Anderson, a media consultant, has been retained to conduct a media campaign to educate our local community to gain support and garner national attention to the unique situation we face – where a bank can collect association dues from residents and then intentionally fail to represent them.  She presented a summary of the overall plan, including a new logo to support her media efforts.  The plan will begin with a detailed press release and unfold over the next few weeks.

Legal Options Explored:  Attorneys have been consulted with positive feedback on several points regarding Vickery resident’s legal standing in protecting their community.  The investigation process will continue in this area.

Vickery’s Future – Woodstock Downtown?:  A resident of Woodstock Downtown (a former Hedgewood employee) attended the meeting and described what has occurred in his neighborhood since Wieland began building there.  Cedar shake roofs were replaced with asphalt shingles, porches were eliminated from plans (too expensive) and overall use of mixed materials was reduced.

The meeting ended with a Q&A session and a reminder to visit the PreserveVickery site for updates and next steps.  Toren Anderson, the media consultant, reminded Vickery residents that it will be important to participate in her media campaign when asked to do so.

Please check the site often, and look for blogs titled “TAKE ACTION” or “EVENT” to learn how you can participate in preserving Vickery.   Fortunately, the residents of Vickery have recognized the dangers posed by Wells/Wieland with only the first 3 properties completed.  There is still time to take action and preserve our unique community.  Even with the help of publicists and attorneys, the solution lies in each of our individual participation and support.


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One Response to Preserve Vickery Meeting Summary

  1. Lisa says:

    Excellent summary of our important meeting. The last minute turnout from our neighborhood just goes to show that we really do care about the future of Vickery! Neighbors , it is up to all of us to take a stance and turn the tides of Vickery to it’s original vision….a new urbanist community; not a tract home community like so many neighborhoods in the Atlanta area!

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