“Cease and Desist” Order on Vickery Signs

You may have noticed that Vickery residents had posted signs in their cars on Cordery Road protesting the Wieland homes and directing people to this site.  It did not take long for Heritage Property Management to send a letter to one of our residents requiring them to “cease and desist” in displaying the signs and submit them for approval to the ARB.

Section 9.4(b)(i) of the CC&R’s was quoted, which states in part:

“The Declarant (aka Wells Fargo) and the Architectural Review Board reserve the right to prohibit signs and to restrict the size, content, color, lettering, design and location of any approved signs within the Properties.  This provision shall not apply to entry, directional, or other signs installed by the Declarant (aka Wells Fargo) or its duly authorized agent as may be necessary or convenient for the marketing and development of the Properties”

While Heritage Property Management is simply enforcing the Covenants and has asked that any signs be submitted for “approval” by the Wells Fargo and the ARB, it would be interesting to see if any sign submitted by a Vickery homeowner would be approved.  It would seem that if Wieland can post advertising and directional signs within our community, its residents should be allowed to display signs (that meet the current design standards) with a different message.

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