Preserve Vickery Joins Congress for New Urbanism

The Preserve Vickery movement has become a member of The Congress for New Urbanism (CNU).  CNU is the leading organization in the world promoting walkable mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions.  The organization has existed for 20 years, with members in 20 countries and 49 states.  CNU has 5,000 Facebook followers and 12,000 followers on Twitter.  CNU has worked with government and private agencies to develop New Urbanist neighborhoods like Vickery across the country, with many in metro Atlanta.  Part of the New Urbanism movement is the creation of quality living environments through architectural excellence.  Suburban sprawl and “subdivisions” are the exact opposite of New Urbanism.

Vickery is listed on their Atlanta chapter site as an example of New Urbanism development.  Membership in CNU will allow us to promote our cause to other urbanists,  gain the support of the organization and highlight the Wieland/Wells plans to compromise the architectural integrity of Vickery.  Visit to learn more.

Momentum is building (the Preserve Vickery site has had almost 2,100 page views since it’s inception) and others are recognizing our plight and supporting our cause.  Please remember to spread the word and ask others to visit our site – and particularly to express their opinions directly to John Wieland and Wells Fargo.  Contact information is located in the “Who’s who and Contact Information” page.

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