Block Captains Needed!

As part of the Preserve Vickery movement, we need block captains to assist in delivering information to the community when posting information to this site is not practical.  Block captains are needed for:

Cordery and Round
Bucks and Vickery Creek north of Bucks Park
Vickery Creek south of Bucks to Glen Willow Park
Will Allen
Eli Davis
Center Grove and Wesley Hughes
Cross Gate and Berkley
Low Country and Pond
Vickery Creek south of Glen Willow Park to the “Y”
Long Park
Meeting House
Bond Street
Clarion and the new cottages

If you are able to help in this effort, please send an email to indicating the area you can cover and your address, email and phone number.  Thanks for helping to Preserve Vickery!

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One Response to Block Captains Needed!

  1. My husband Glen & l are glad to volunteer to be block captains for Pond Rd. & Low Country.
    6745 Pond Rd.
    Glen & Deborah Pellock
    We care about what is happening to Vickery and want to see it remain the same as it was originally designed to be… UNIQUE!!

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