Communication with Wells Fargo

In response to communications received by Wells Fargo from Vickery residents and postings on this site, Dan Garcia received a message from Hugh Rowden, a VP at Wells Fargo.  Mr. Rowden stated that he would be communicating with the Wells Fargo real estate team this week.  In response to this communication, we also sent an email to Mr. Rowden containing the basic expectations from Vickery residents:

1. Board of Directors representation: with the suggestion that the Board consist of a representative from Wells Fargo, an elected representative from Vickery and a neutral third party.  
2. Architectural Review Board representation
3. Release of the Wieland lots to other builders
4. Consistency in Design Application:  That ALL builders be required to adhere to strict design guidelines
5. Greater involvement by Lew Oliver in the design of each home up-front; not just an approval of a Wieland design

Wells has responded to individuals before, with a response that they are concerned about Vickery residents, supportive of the building of homes that complement our community and following out community guidelines.  We will see if we receive a different commitment from Wells this time.

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One Response to Communication with Wells Fargo

  1. Michael V says:

    Good luck my friend. Deal with Wells Fargo is like dealing with the government. They all answer to a different department. Sooner or later they will respond….Dan there isn’t anything I can do…it is above my pay grade.

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