TAKE ACTION! State Senator and Congressman Show Interest in Vickery Plight

During a Town Hall meeting hosted by Georgia Senator Jack Murphy and Georgia Congressman Mark Hamilton, a Vickery resident took the opportunty to explain the situation in Vickery and ask for their assistance.  Both gentlemen were unaware of the situation with Wells Fargo and Wieland and asked for more information after the meeting.  They were both provided the URL to this website to learn more about the possible conflict of interest with Wells and Wieland regarding Wells’ responsibilities to the Vickery community.

To our benefit, Senator Murphy also happens to be Chairman of Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions.

TAKE ACTION:  Please contact Senator Murphy at jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov and Congressman Hamilton at mark.hamilton@house.ga.gov and ask for their assistance in preserving Vickery.  Make a particular plea to Senator Murphy to investigate potential conflicts of interest between Wells Fargo and Wieland related to Wells Fargo as our Declarant, their appointees to our Board of Directors and Wells’ fiduciary responsibilities to the ENTIRE Vickery community under Georgia law.

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