5/10/12: Litigation Update

Plans are being implemented to file litigation against Wells Fargo by residents of Vickery.  Actions by Vickery residents, including a protest march, yard signs, blog postings, letters to Wells Fargo representatives (including the Board of Directors and Corporate Responsibilities Committee) and Wieland have garnered attention but resulted in no committment by Wells Fargo to abandon its conflict of interest relationship with Wieland and represent the interests of the residents who pay dues to a homeowner’s association they control.  It is clear that Wells Fargo has no intention of serving any interests other than its own, and Wieland will continue to capitalize on the situation.

At this writing, various attorneys have reviewed specifics of the situation and been interviewed.   One additional attorney who has expressed interest in the case may be interviewed, after which an initial selection will be made.  Once that selection is made, a community meeting will be held so that the attorney can present the case against Wells Fargo in detail, outline litigation costs and answer questions.  

We are currently seeking a venue to hold the meeting which can be secured so that only Vickery residents can attend (a Wieland representative attended our last meeting held at Tanner’s).  If you have access to a venue that can accommodate a large percentage of Vickery residents, please email preservevickery@comcast.net.

Stay tuned to this webiste for more information.  An email notification will also be sent out once a meeting date has been set.

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