5/5/12: Meeting with Senator Jack Murphy and TAKE ACTION REQUEST

On Friday, May 4th, a meeting was held with GA State Senator Jack Murphy.  Senator Murphy, who is the Chairman of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee, has expressed interest in the situation in Vickery after being approached by some Vickery residents at a recent Town Hall meeting.  During the meeting, the Senator was briefed on the relationship between Wells Fargo and Wieland, the outrage expressed by Vickery residents to Wells Fargo and Wieland with no real communications back to the residents, the lack of representation of Vickery residents on the Vickery Board and the efforts made by Vickery residents thus far.  After the meeting, Senator Murphy was given a tour of Vickery (the Wieland homes and the T-Olive homes) and stopped in the Hedgewood sales office to learn about offers made on Wells lots that have been ignored by Wells Fargo.   

Senator Murphy indicated that he understood our situation and would have conversations with contacts he has to assist in our efforts, including a conversation with Wieland.  Senator Murphy’s stature as a State Senator and ranking as the Chiarman of the Banking and Financial Institutions Committee can be very helpful to Vickery residents in our fight to preserve our neighborhood.

TAKE ACTION:  Please email Senator Murphy  – jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov and express your appreciation for his support and ask him to do what he can to require Wells Fargo to meet its obligations to protect Vickery and cease any conflict of interest with Wieland.

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