5/26/12 John Wieland Responds

Our concerns as a community have been heard all the way to the top of the John Wieland organization.  Mr. Wieland himself has taken the initiative to contact the PreserveVickery movement and invite community representatives to a meeting to discuss our concerns.  A date has not been set.

First, regardless of what may have motivated Mr. Wieland to respond, we should thank him for his invitation.  This is certainly more than we have received from Wells Fargo in terms of any type of sincere or positive response.  At the very least, we will be able to lay out our concerns directly to Mr. Wieland.  What he decides to do with those concerns will be up to him.

Our desire will be to show Mr. Wieland that there is a strong market for architecturally unique homes in Vickery.  This has been demonstrated by T-Olive homes, and even to some extent by the cottages being built by Luxe homes.  These homes have been built at various price points from the $200’s on up, proving that there is a market for true Vickery homes regardless of price range.  In addition, several people have contacted Wells Fargo in an attempt to purchase Vickery lots and build custom homes, but Wells Fargo has continually refused to entertain any offers.

Mr. Wieland has already stated that he believes there is only a very limited demand for true Vickery homes, and that the demand is being met by T-Olive.  Perhaps he will see things differently once he personally sees the facts about Vickery.

One obstacle to Wieland building true Vickery homes here may be that his company is simply not set up to do so.  Wieland has become a mass-production builder, operating in several states in the Southeast.  True Vickery homes require an attention to design detail and execution that may be foriegn to the Wieland organization.  If Wieland can build true Vickery homes, he would be a welcome addition here.

Our requests to Wieland and Wells Fargo have remained consistent throughout this campaign:

  1. Provide representation on the Board of Directors by appointing a Vickery resident(s) to the Board so there is a balance between Wells Fargo and Vickery (Wells Fargo issue)
  2. Provide representation on the Architectural Review Board by appointing a Vickery resident(s) to the ARB (Wells Fargo issue)
  3. Open lot sales to other builders to provide fair competition for building the best homes in Vickery (Wells Fargo issue) 
  4. FULLY engage Lew Oliver in the up-front design and approval of every home by any builder (not just the approval of a standard plan), and empower Lew to monitor the execution of each design. (Wells Fargo and Wieland issue)

The result?

  • Wieland is allowed to continue building in Vickery
  • Our community design philosophy is protected
  • Other builders can compete in our unique community
  • Wells Fargo sells more lots more quickly, thereby maximizing their investment in Vickery
  • Wells Fargo lives up to its responsibility as the functioning Board in Vickery to protect and represent the best interests of the community
  • The Vickery community can look forward to a time after this economic storm has passed and know that our neighborhood will remain a beautiful and truly unique place to live.

Everybody wins.   Does this seem unreasonable or impossible?

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One Response to 5/26/12 John Wieland Responds

  1. These are very reasonable expectations! There is NO reason that Vickery can not be built out in the fashion in which it was created-to build all sizes of unique homes with character. l think anyone that bought in Vickery can remember the first time driving into the neighborhood in amazement at the setting where it felt different maybe i.e. places like Inman Park, Ansley Park, Grant Park and the likes of Virginia Highlands etc. lt was kind of “magical” like the first time one visits Rosemary Beach and Seaside. Not surprising the same designers had their mark on V. as well. Really good design speaks to you where as mediocre does not. lt shouts at you and you want to look away because there is no reason to look for the subtle movement of detail.

    We have grown sons that live locally in 2 different very nice neighborhoods that were unique in their own right that feel on hard times like so many all over the area. Whoever was allowed to finish building their neighborhoods kept the look of the “original intent.” l am certain that if the builders that came into their neighborhood and started to build homes that stood out not in the same fashion the neighbors would have been concerned the same as we are and rightly so!

    l kind of liken the situation to artists. When you see the work of a really good artist it is apparent to you —you feel it, you sense that this work is better than other work that you have seen before
    and you know instinctively because it draws you in and you want to linger to enjoy it. lf JW finishes the 200+ homes in V. it will never be the same and the charm will be lost and never recovered. There is no earthly reason this should happen to Vickery unless “we the people” allow it.

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