6/1/12 Protest Weekend Update

Protests for this weekend at Wells Fargo and the Vickery entrance are being cancelled, so for those who have joined in – time to take a break and enjoy the weekend.  Stay tuned for more progress updates, participation opportunities and a summary of the meeting that was held with Mr. John Wieland.

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One Response to 6/1/12 Protest Weekend Update

  1. GB says:

    I was one of the first groups of people to buy into the vision of Vickery and finally drove passed the houses on Cordery Rd. What a shame! They’re not “bad” houses, but they don’t belong in Vickery. I was told by VAC members that they were working with Wells and this would not happen. Looks to me like while the VAC was singing Kumbaya to Wells, Wieland was building 4 homes that should never have been built. Now he’s got holes dug for 5 or 6 more on Round Rd. It took a group of protesters to make enough noise to attract the attention of Mr. Wieland himself. You can bet that he would not have taken the time to meet with Vickery representatives if the protests were not affecting his sales. WAKE UP, Vickery! Instead of 8 or 10 people protesting, it should be 30! I’m glad that somebody has the guts to get out there and make some noise. Like it or not, that’s the only thing that will work to get changes made. We’ll see how the meeting went and if it will make any difference.

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