Petition and Protest Walk

Two events occured in early March, 2012 as the beginning of the Preserve Vickery initiative. 

Petition:  A petition was circulated in the community to document and communicate Vickery resident concerns with the John Wieland homes being built on Cordery Road (eventually to be repeated throughout Vickery).  Approx. 185 people signed the petition, which was sent to Wells Fargo along with a letter explaining our concerns.  

Protest Walk:  On the chilly morning of March 3rd, a group of Vickery residents met in the Market Village to formally protest the Wieland homes being constructed in our community and the fact that Wells Fargo is allowing/supporting the construction of these homes.  Residents donned “Preserve Vickery” T-shirts and carried signs asking for Wieland to stop their construction of substandard homes, questioning the relationship between Wieland and Wells and asking why Wells will not support our community.

The march officially began in front of the Wieland sales office.  It then moved through the streets of Vickery and ended at the three homes under construction on Cordery Road.  Representatives of the media were present and photographed the event, which was intended to demonstrate to Wieland and Wells Fargo that residents are very concerned about their community, and to get the attention of other Vickery residents who are not aware of the situation.

These were good first steps in the “Preserve Vickery” effort.  However, the battle will be long – and against the large corporate power of John Wieland Homes and Wells Fargo, who will both likely count on enthusiasm and commitment wavering over time.  Can a small community band together to protect their investments and the beauty of this special place?  The answer is up to each resident in Vickery. 

For more information on the situation and what you can do, read the other blogs posted on this site – and then stay tuned for more.


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