“Who’s Who” and Contact Information

There are many players involved in the current situation in Vickery.  This section will provide background and contact information, along with suggestions on how you can use this information to express your concerns about how Wells Fargo is meeting it’s responsibilities to the community.

WELLS FARGO:  The Wells Fargo website lists 16 Wells Fargo Board members.  Six of these Board members are a part of the Corporate Responsibilities Committee (CRC).  This committee is charged with ensuring that Wells Fargo adhere’s to its corporate responsibilities.  The following statements appear on the Wells Fargo website:

“We strive for the highest ethical standards with our team members, customers, our communities and shareholders.”

“We value what’s right for our customers in everything we do”

“Standing together with our customers and communities”

“Integrity is not a commodity.  It’s the most rare and precious of personal attributes.  It is the core of a person’s-and a company’s- reputation” (John Stumpf, Chairman & CEO ) 

The question that Vickery residents must ask themselves (and Wells Fargo) is why Wells Fargo is allowing Wieland to build substandard homes in Vickery and blocking other builders from purchasing lots when it is clear that the market will support the sale of true Vickery-quality homes.  Why would Wells Fargo abandon the community and customers they claim to have an obligation to serve in exchange for a relationship with Wieland?  The answer, in part, may be in the fact that Wells Fargo has a joint venture relationship with Wieland to provide mortgages on their new homes.   

Contact information for Wells Fargo:

Email to Board of Directors and Corporate Responsibilities Committee: boardcommunications@wellsfargo.com

This address goes to a central email box for all Board members.  The members of the CRC are: John D. Baker, Elaine Chao, Lloyd Dean, Enrique Hernandez Jr., Cynthia Milligan and Judith M. Runstad (CRC Chairperson).

Wells Fargo Officers (related to consumer services):

  • John Stumpf – Chairman, President and CEO
  • Carrie Tolstedt – Sr. EVP/Community Banking
  • David Carroll – Sr. EVP / Wealth, Brokerate and Retirement Services
  • Michael Heid – EVP
  • Avid Modjtabai (female) – Sr. EVP / Consumer Lending

 You can write these individuals at:

Wells Fargo and Company
P.O. Box 63750
San Francisco, CA 94163    

Local Branch Office:

5495 Bethelview Rd
Cumming, GA  30040

What you can do:  Contact these individuals at Wells Fargo and express your concerns about what they are allowing/supporting in Vickery.  Ask Wells Fargo to support the community by releasing lots in Vickery to other builders who will support our architectural and quality standards, and requiring ALL builders to build homes to preserve our unique community.  Ask Wells Fargo why they would not appoint Vickery residents as Board members if they have a corporate mission to serve their customers and the community at large.  If you are a Wells Fargo customer, question why they are not abiding by their committment to support their customers.   Pledge that you will remember Wells Fargo’s actions in Vickery.


Vickery Sales Office:

5855 South Vickery Street
Cumming, GA  30040
Ph: 770-292-9522
Website: www.jwhomes.com (search for Vickery)

Corporate Office:

4125 Atlanta Rd SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
Ph: 770-703-2333
Fax: 770-907-3419
Email: customer.service@jwhomes.com
Website: jwhomes.com

Ask Wieland to stop building tract-style homes in Vickery.  Point out that other builders are building successfully in Vickery at various price points with no community backlash.  Question if Wieland wishes to be remembered as the builder who had such a negative influence on a nationally-recognized community.  Ask Wieland to join in the spirit of working with Lew Oliver to protect our community.  


 CANNON EQUITIES: Cannon Equities has been hired by Wells Fargo to manage the assets in Vickery.  As reported in another section of this website, the Vickery Board of Directors is comprised of Sean Stefan (Wells), Lance Johnson (Wells) and Svein Romsted (Cannon Equities).  No Vickery residents are on the Board and thus we have no voice in how the community is run, despite the fact that we pay association dues.  Contact information:

  • J. Dwight Bell III / President and CEO
  • Svein Romstad / EVP, Residential.  As mentioned earlier, Mr. Romstad is on the Vickery Board.  He is also a former Wieland employee.

Corporate Office

359 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA  30305
You can also send an email to Cannon by visiting their website:  www.cannonequities.com

In contacting Cannon, consider expressing your concern about the lack of representation of Vickery residents on the Board of Directors and important decisions about our community.  Ask Cannon why, as dues-paying members, we are not represented on the Board.

LEW OLIVER – WHOLE TOWN SOLUTIONS:  Lew Oliver is the “Town Urbanist” of Vickery – the primary designer hired by Wells Fargo to control the design of new homes in Vickery.   Lew recently sent a letter to Vickery residents trying to assure homeowners that he is abiding by the current design standards in Vickery.  In contacting Mr. Oliver, consider asking why, if the first three Wieland homes meet the priciples of Vickery design, so many residents are concerned about these homes in particular.  Also ask why the home with shutters have under-sized shutters typically used in tract-homes, which also appear to be made of vinyl when all other Vickery homes have full-size hand-crafted shutters, which are part of the design standards.  Question why these three homes would be so strikingly similar in basic design components (aside from some facade details and roof line changes), which is different than any other three adjacent homes in Vickery (Note: there are two other examples  – Cordery Rd and Eli Davis Rd – of homes where 3 in a row have the same basic design, but these are executed with precision and with purpose – not as tract homes).            

Lew Oliver, Inc.  Whole Town Solutions
85 – A Mill St, Ste 200
Roswell, GA  30075

TOREN ANDERSON: Toren is the publicist who is working to get the Vickery issue out to various media outlets to promote the Preserve Vickery cause.  Toren can be reached at torenanderson@me.com


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